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List of Companies That Are Using Biz Funk (AKA Non-Software or Non-Developer) Agile

I have been unable to find a simple list of companies that are using agile / lean for biz funk purposes (e.g., marketing, content development, finance, etc).  So I figured I’d create my own list.  I’ve only included examples that I could verify with at least one source.  Not a perfect method, since not everything on the internet is truthy, and some of the links are a few years old, but it is a start.  So consider this list to be one of those “living documents.”  And you can help to keep it alive!  If you know of another company that is using biz funk agile, please feel free to suggest it (and your source) in the comments.

Company Name, Team Type, Comment / Source(s):



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Ted Talk: Treat Your Kids Like a Team of Agile Software Developers and Lower Your Family Stress

Are you an overwhelmed parent, going to be a parent soon and determined not to be overwhelmed, or curious about why all the parents you know are overwhelmed?  Check out this Ted Talk by Bruce Feiler.  He suggests stealing from agile software development to help make family sanity possible again.


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