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A New Biz Funk Meetup?

Nothing scheduled yet, but this looks like an interesting meetup group around lean content development.  Count me in!


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Biz Funk Meetup: Content Development & Marketing Go Lean

ImageHave you secretly been curious about the word “agile,” but were not quite curious enough to look it up?  Or have you never heard the word “agile,” but now find yourself strangely curious about it?  Do you like puppies?  If any of these things are true, the recent Agile for Business and Functional (Biz Funk) Teams meetup event is for you.  After some quick context-setting by the facilitators, a team writing a book and a marketing team discuss what prompted them to try agile and how it worked.  Check out the video of the event if interested!

Dennis Clemente blogged about the event here.

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